Our Top 5 Fave Bags for Brunch with the Girls

Our Top 5 Fave Bags for Brunch with the Girls

We don’t know about you lovelies, but one of our favourite ways to spend a day is chilling out and having a long and boozy bunch with our best gal pals.

Who doesn’t love mimosas, pancakes and gossip on tap?!

And yes. The food and company are the main reason we love heading out to brunch, BUT, it is also a fabulous excuse to flex your gorgeous summer wardrobe.

And whatever you choose to wear, your accessories should make your outfit pop and sizzle. That’s why today’s post is all about the best handbags to take with you when you’re out for brunch with the babes!

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Our favourite women’s handbags

Ahhh. Handbags.

They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. And if you’re anything like the gals here at ikrush HQ then you’ll have a collection of dozens of the pretty things. 

And who can blame you? 

From wicker to pleather, cross-body to clutch, and patent to transparent, we love them all. When you head out to brunch, you need to make sure you choose a handbag that not only complements your gorgeous ensemble, but that is also comfortable to wear if you go for a stroll to walk off all those eggs, and big enough to carry your essentials.

Here are 5 of our faves!

Cute clutches

Clutches are the perfect women’s handbags that you can just grab and go. You can opt for a slim and sleek style with just enough room to carry your lippy, cash, phone, and keys, or reach for an oversized style when you want to bring a bit more with you. Like a cardi - this Blighty summer weather is a wee bit unpredictable! 

Our Robyn clutch is the perfect brunch partner. Roomy enough for the essentials and it comes with a cute little wrist strap so you can swing it or clutch it!

Chic saddle bags

A saddle bag just screams elegance. This classic and high-fashion style looks so pretty perched elegantly on your shoulder, where it sits at the perfect waist length. A saddle bag has a bit more room than a classic clutch, so you can stash your makeup bag as well as a wallet.

Our pretty Freja saddle bag comes in different colours, so you can grab one to match all your fave outfits!

Fluffy faux fur

For the glamour pusses out there, pretty faux fur is calling out to you.

There is something so adorable, girly, and sexy about faux fur, and that is especially true when it comes to faux fur handbags. When worn at brunch, a faux fur bag will give your casj outfit an injection of fun and sassiness. Swing your bag across your body and be prepared for some seriously enviable looks.

The statement bag

When you want to draw attention to your outfit and show the world what a style queen you are, then lovelies you need a statement women’s handbag to match.

A statement bag has the power to make an entire outfit pop - no matter how casual or dressed down it is. Reach for a handbag with an eye-catching chain like our stunning Farah handbag. The chunky gold chain allows it to swing prettily from your shoulder, while the tan faux leather body is ideal for holding your necessities. We’re in love!

Classic and ladylike

There are some styles of handbags that just make you feel all proper and ladylike. If that style is your vibe, then you will fall head over heels in love with our chic and pretty Selena handbag. She’s so gorgeous you’ll have a hard time putting her down!

From the smart handle, faux pebbled leather design, stylish silver chain (so you have the option of wearing her cross-body) and the secure button closure, what isn’t to love?


Like what you have seen? If beautiful accessories make you drool then make sure you check out the rest of the ikrush blog for even more fabulous fashion finds!

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