Single Awareness Day

Single Awareness Day


Single awareness day comes around the day after Valentine’s to celebrate everyone who is single and to show it is OKAY, you can still be happier than ever y’know!

Here at IKRUSH, we have put together the Top 10 advantages of being single - I mean after you read these you’ll be wanting to stay single forever, think of all those cats you could have, right!? So whether you have just got out of a relationship, or are depressed for not being in one - we can assure you, these pro's will have you feeling sassy and fabulous in no time. 

1. There is no right & left side of the bed - you can starfish as much as you like without getting a knee in your stomach or a hand in your face - total peace and quiet!

2. You will be saving a LOT of money from all of those dinner date’s and takeaways - why is relationships always revolved around food?!

3. Following on from the food, you will not be indulging as much. Single = skinny YAY

4. When it comes to movie selection, you get to watch whatever your heart desires, role on the chick flick marathon

5. Personal grooming is optional, it’s not like you're trying to keep up the good impressions with anyone

6. There is no awkward conversations or anxious thoughts to see where the relationship is going and if you will actually work, stress free life is the way forward

7. Instead of spending money buying presents for birthdays, anniversaries or valentines - treat yourself girl, you deserve it

8. Party it up with your friends with NO obligations - hit the clubs in a super fierce outfit and have fun!

9. You realise how amazing it feels to be independent - you don't need no man

10. Single and LIVING THE DREAM!




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