Long Sleeve Mini Dresses

Everygirl loves a long sleeve dress. I mean cosy and warm are an essential when your looking for the right Mini fit, especially in the winter. But then hey, who said you can't have the best of both worlds, eh? We have beautifully put together a collection of Long sleeve MINI dresses just for you, so you can have that comfort and warmth with the sleeves but still show off those legs and have that chic Mini fit!! Go ahead, explore our amazing range and get drawn in with the different varieties ranging from, peplum sleeves, too a cuff sleeve, or maybe a bell sleeve, or even switch it up a bit and go for a Mesh sleeve. Either way bae, your going to look 100% and killa in your Long Sleeve mini fit!!

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Ona Faux Leather Mini Dress
Lolita Sequin Embellished Velvet Mini Dress
Kolina Faux Leather Mesh Sleeve Dress
Libra Belted Puff Sleeve Blazer
Kimberley Fuzzy Mini Bodycon Dress
Kaya Velvet Mini Dress
Kate Metallic Shine Mini Dress
Noelle Velvet Mini Dress
Maria Belted Puff Sleeve Mini Dress
Adriana Faux Leather Bodycon Mini Dress
Libra Belted Puff Sleeve Blazer
Celeste Faux Leather Puffed Sleeve Mini Dress