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Cut Out Dresses

Women's Cut Out Dresses Online

When it comes to women's dresses, you've come to the right place! We're all about the highest quality of fashion, and that starts with our extensive dress collection.

Particularly, we're loving cut out dresses this season! They offer substance, comfort and practicality and above all else- style. For someone who is looking to add an extra little something to their outfit, or wants to find a new way to switch up their dress collection, then this category is for you! We love a cut out dress and can't wait for you to shop our new and latest pieces.

Check out our latest arrivals and shop our newest cut out dresses via size, colour, price and style!

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Dahlia Cut Out Printed Mini Dress
Fran One Shoulder Cut Out Mini Dress
Vilma Cut Out Flute Sleeve V Neck Printed Maxi Dress
Kimmie Bodycon Cut Out Mini Dress
Vilma Cut Out Flute Sleeve V Neck Printed Maxi Dress
Minnie Printed Cut Out Midi Dress
Catrina Bodycon Cut Out Mini Dress
Ajtar Slinky Cut out Dress
Catrina Bodycon Cut Out Mini Dress
Catrina Bodycon Cut Out Mini Dress
Lana Cut Out One Shoulder Mini Dress
Milly Midi Luxe Cut Out Bandage Dress
Danae Cut Out Bodycon Dress
Milly Midi Luxe Cut Out Bandage Dress
Milly Midi Luxe Cut Out Bandage Dress
Ajtar Slinky Cut out Dress
Ajtar Slinky Cut out Dress

What Exactly is a Cut Out Dress?

When it comes to a cut out dress, we're talking about one main feature in particular- the use of a special design that allows for an opening in one or more parts of the garment, usually to show off some skin. This is not only stylish but also practical- what better way to stay cool and comfortable during warmer months?

A cut out design switches up the typical design of a dress, and is usually found at the waist or on the back, which we think is super flattering and great for adding a feminine touch! The cut out dress is a new favourite of ours, as it's perfect for wearing all year long. It allows you to stay current during the warmer months while also being able to transition into Autumn with one twist of your outfit and some tights!

We love that we can keep these dresses in our wardrobe and wear them season after season- it's always smart to invest in a good dress after all!

Types of Cut Out Dresses

When it comes to the type of cut that your dress has, we typically see dresses with an open back or open sides. These cuts are a great way to show off more skin without feeling like comfort is compromised.

What Else Can I Wear with Cut Out Dresses?

A cut out design is perfect for wearing during warmer months or on holidays. However, that doesn't mean you have to wait until then! If you're looking at buying your first cut out dress, then think about pairing it with black tights in order to stay warm when the colder months roll around.

You can still be stylish while staying comfy- isn't that what fashion is all about? It's also a great idea to layer up your black cut out dress by throwing on a denim jacket or blazer if you need to add a little extra warmth.

iKrush Top Pick: Black and White Cut Out Dress

Black cut out dresses are one of the most popular items in our collection, and we know why! They're stylish pieces that can also be worn throughout multiple seasons- what more could you want? Shop black cut out dresses via size, colour, price and style now on site! When it comes to black cut out dresses, you can't go wrong with one of ours! Shop black cut out dresses via size, colour, price and style now.

Additionally, another staple colour is white. A white cut out dress will be perfect for several occasions. Got a ladies brunch coming up at the weekend? Or maybe a date night planned with a nice dinner and drinks? Great, a cut out dress makes a lovely choice for an outfit- because not only are they elegant and feminine, but we offer high quality clothes that are comfortable too.

Pair your black, white, floral or bold coloured cut out dresses with our best-selling accessories too. There are also many materials that a cut out dress can come in- satin, jersey, jacquard, you name it! All offer a flattering and feminine look, which we know you'll love.

Shopping for Cut Out Dresses at iKrush

So, what are you waiting for? Here at iKrush, we have women's cut out dresses for all types of women and we've put them together in one easy to browse place. Shop and search our selection today! We have a full collection in every size, style, length and material, so don't forget to use our filters and find the exact items you want! You can even search by trend, whether it be Wedding Guest or Engagement Party!

Our women's dresses are the perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe. We can't wait for you to check out or range of items today! At iKrush, we always offer the best possible shopping experience; high quality pieces, at an affordable price at with delivery options you'll love. Keep your eye on our website too, because there's exclusive offers and rewards, only available for iKrush customers! Don't forget to snap your gorgeous outfits and tag us on all of our social networks too!